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The company name of The hair-house is BM Polpa HB
Our objective is to have low basic costs and thereby be able to offer the best products to very low prices

We import real human hair from Brazil and India
and sell it mainly to people and companies in Sweden.

The company was founded 2006 and in the beginning we started with crushed frozen fruit (polpa) but changed to hair already 2007. The reason was that Angela had long experience of hair and hair extension.
Her sister has both salongs and hair shops in Brazil, and therefore we can buy hair through her.

2009  we opened a salong/shop in Västerhaninge
2011  we started a web-sho
2013 we opened a salong/shop at Kungsgatan 77 in Stockholm

Tel salong is 08 6500013 mobil.070-246 2957 or 073 6995 701

Organization number: 969721-4261 We have "F-skattebevis"
BG number: 5974-2858